Grand Connection is excited to announce that there has been a change in ownership.  Tracy VandeerMeer, who founded Grand Connection Inc. in 1999, retains her ownership and has brought in three new partners.  Long time Grand Connection staff members, Christina Thelen, Leah Haverdink, and Ann Marie Westerhuis are new shareholders.  Grand Connection clients and vendors can expect the same professional service and expertise that they have always received, with the added knowledge that they are dealing with an owner when they are working with the top project managers.  The senior Grand Connection team also includes Amy Cole and Jamie Ham who are registration management specialists and have been working with GC for many years. 

Grand Connection is a successful event and project management company with a brand that is recognized in Michigan and across the country.  They employ the best talent in the event management business.

 “I have always been proud of Grand Connection and thankful that I get to do work that I love,” said founder, Tracy VanderMeer.  She went on to say “The addition of Christina, Leah, and Ann Marie as owners secures Grand Connection’s spot as a leader in the industry.”

For more information about Grand Connection, email tracy@grandconnection .com or call (616) 366-5110.

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I just finished my 2nd visit to Art Prize this week, the largest art competition in the world.  I do this every year to find inspiration for my job in the event industry.   In short, I experience art differently than most people.  I always end up bringing it around to what I do everyday, and how I can do it better.  When I meandered my way through the beginning of this exhibit and found myself sitting at the end watching a short documentary, fully engaged in learning, it struck me the sheer brilliance of this project.  I've seen organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on general session productions that didn't engage me nearly as effectively.  Below is a blurb from the local news so you can see what I'm talking about, it's only a few minutes but you'll get the drift.  All I'm asking is to think really hard about what you want to present and then commit fully to engaging attendees with a tangible, real life experience.  The magic secret weapon this team had wasn't money, I think it was the passion they have for telling this particular story.  Turn off the powerpoint and tune into your creativity.  If all else fails bring in a creative type, maybe a film maker, an art student...or join me in looking for inspiration in crazy places like art competitions and concerts!

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Given massive ceiling height a balloon drop is a fun way to add that extra punch at the end of a special gala celebration. 

Sail Cloth.jpg

For this private party, we used a sailcloth tent and installed lanterns in clusters to add color and dimension. 

Company Picnic.JPG

No budget?  No Problem.  Balloons and a sharpie, hand painted signs, hankies, and a husband who can make pigs on a band saw.  We added a coloring contest station for this family friendly event.

Beach Balls.png

For an upscale "Michigan" themed beach party we used hammocks strung from above and filled them with beach balls. 

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Things I loved about this event we just completed...

Using artists at work in an event space while guests mingle and dine.  I was inspired by attending Artprize 2012 and seeing the Elephant piece

Having a "blank canvas" space like this with an entire wall that's a writing surface!  Event planners have dreams about this kind of space.  They might also dream about lights designed by George Nelson:-)  Thanks to Kristy, our event designer who pushed the use of the lighting.

Working with talented musical artists like Matt Giraud who didn't win American Idol but a lot of us think he should have.  I didn't know that he learned how to play piano because there was a piano in his dorm when he started at Western Michigan University!

Planning a 100 year anniversary gala was special and according to Google purple is the color for a 100 year anniversary incase you are wondering!

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