Things I loved about this event we just completed...

Using artists at work in an event space while guests mingle and dine.  I was inspired by attending Artprize 2012 and seeing the Elephant piece

Having a "blank canvas" space like this with an entire wall that's a writing surface!  Event planners have dreams about this kind of space.  They might also dream about lights designed by George Nelson:-)  Thanks to Kristy, our event designer who pushed the use of the lighting.

Working with talented musical artists like Matt Giraud who didn't win American Idol but a lot of us think he should have.  I didn't know that he learned how to play piano because there was a piano in his dorm when he started at Western Michigan University!

Planning a 100 year anniversary gala was special and according to Google purple is the color for a 100 year anniversary incase you are wondering!

AuthorTeam Brightly